Script that deletes Automatically created YouTube videos in Performance Max campaigns

Lyubomir Popov
1 min readDec 13, 2022

UPDATE: The script is not working anymore:
“It appears that this has been concluded to be intended behaviour due to a recent change in the Google Ads API. System generated asset links shouldn’t be able to be removed in the API. Our team is planning to release a blog post regarding this, but this would also be the information that would be announced. I would recommend to instead keep an eye on our Ads Developer Blog for future announcements and latest updates.”


When you don’t provide your own video in an Asset Group (Performance Max campaign) Google automatically creates YouTube videos for you. Sometimes these videos are ugly and can work against your brand.
There are two ways to stop them serving:
1. To provide your own video
2. To delete them
There is no way neither via interface nor via Ads Editor to delete these ‘Automatically created’ videos. The only one way is via scripts or API.
Here is my elegant and brutal :) version of deleteing all automatically created videos in all active PMax campaigns and asset groups:

(Copy, paste, authorize and run. Enjoy.)